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        At Comprehensive Wealth Strategies we offer a wide variety of insurances to best fit your needs in life. The two types of permanent life insurance are Whole Life and Universal Life, and then the temporary insurance is Term Insurance. We also offer Long Term Care Insurance and Disability Insurance! Before making the decision on what's best for you, we will review all aspects of the coverage you need and the benefits to each type of insurance and personalize a plan just for you!

Life insurance is about getting more out of life.


Whole Life Insurance:

The most robust type of permanent insurance, whole life is ideal if you want to stay covered for life to protect your loved ones, while accumulating cash value. Your cash value is the portion of money you can use during your life to pay for certain expenses, like dealing with the unexpected, paying for education, or funding a more secure retirement.

Why consider whole life insurance:

  • Lifelong guaranteed life insurance. With whole life, you’ll be assured of a guaranteed premium amount that you have to pay. This means the amount you pay can’t be increased. You’ll also know that your loved ones/beneficiaries would receive a guaranteed, lump-sum payment if you weren’t around to take care of them. And if you choose, your business could also be a beneficiary.

  • Cash value accumulation. While staying covered for life, you can also build a significant cash asset that’s not dependent on the rise or fall of the market at any time.  You can borrow against the cash value portion if you need money for other things in the future: a down payment for a home, college funding, or a business loan. 

  • Potential dividend payments.  Guardian is a mutual life insurance company, and this means that you may receive an amount of money based on our profits called a dividend. While not guaranteed, the payments have historically been made every year since 1868. 

  • Tax benefits. Whole life has many tax benefits, one of which is the tax-advantaged buildup of cash value. This means that you defer paying tax on the dividends you’re accumulating. Over time, that can add up to a considerable amount of cash value. 

  • Tax-sensible asset for loans. If you need to borrow against your cash value - for an emergency or any other purpose - the loan may not count as income for taxation, as long as your policy remains active.


Universal Life Insurance:

Universal life, a type of permanent insurance, is designed to offer insurance for your entire life, as well as cash value accumulation.  Universal life allows for a higher degree of flexibility.  This type of policy might suit you if you’re envisioning significant income fluctuations or you foresee that you may need the ability to vary your payments.


Term Life Insurance:

You pick a set period of time, such as 10, 15, 20, or 30 years, to be covered by insurance. Based on the amount of coverage you purchase, your loved ones will receive a guaranteed amount of money in the event that you’re not able to be there. Your named beneficiaries will receive a payment for the pre-agreed amount.


Long Term Life Insurance:

Comprehensive Wealth Strategies offers qualified, non-qualified, and group personalized policies to help maintain your quality in life along with your estate.


Disability Insurance:

    Read about disbaility insurance under our services>disability insurance.



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